Özgün Koyun Özgün Koyun

A New Beginning

Although I’ve updated my website a few weeks ago, I couldn’t have found some time to post something about this update to my blog. Shame on me! (I wish I had spent less time by playing Space Invaders).

This update brought lots of new features. It’s a really major update. The previous version of my website was coded using only html and css. The only dynamic part was the “projects” section. This time, I coded my whole website with Ruby on Rails which is a great and popular Ruby framework.

One of the major improvements with the new site is the blog section. It is just a simple blog helping me to share my writings with my visitors. Since I care about my readers I let them send their precious comments to articles. Unless they are sending spams, their comments will be published without censorship. Also there is a simple captcha protection against spams.

Another improvement for the new site is the projects section. Now each project contains much information about itself. And also multiple screenshots are supported for each project. A modal window called Lightwindow is used to show actual size of the screenshots.

Tag cloud is another new featuer of my brand new website. You’ll feel like you are floating like a feather – in a beautiful world – over the clouds when you are jumping from one tag to another :). If you don’t believe me, try it now!

Sidebar contains categories, latest articles, links, twitter updates… It’s fully customizable via admin panel. So it’s up to me to fill my sidebar with full of junk or necessary and useful stuff.

A simple search was achieved by the help of tags. I’m sure there will be more advanced search options in later versions. Maybe google custom search for searching through content could be integrated in furter stages. Or maybe sphinx could provide a better solution but for now I stick with my simple search.

As you may have already recognized, I’ve rss feeds in my website too. (Look up to your address bar or footer, there should be an organge feed icon) So don’t forget to subscribe if you want to follow my posts.

I think this is all I want to say about my new website. I know there are not many articles for the time being, but I plan to populate by writing regularly. But if you want to see my previous articles, tutorials and other programmin related stuff, my old wiki is still at your service. It’s still quite a resource for me.

Thank you for visiting!