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Hall of Fame of Rails Rumble 2008


Rails Rumble is a competition for Ruby on Rails developers which developer teams compete during a weekend (48 hours) to create a working web application from scratch. 130 applications qualified in Rails Rumble 2008. The winners are decided with the users votes. Yeah, it’s democary in action. So I’ve reviewed and voted at least a dozen of apps during last week. It was amazing to see how fast talented developers produce web applications using one of the most effective and productive web development framework Ruby on Rails.

Let me cut to the chase and introduce the winners to you:

Application Developer Team Awarded
Meet In Between Great Lakes Geeks First Overall
Qflip Scatapult Second Overall
Riverdex New Media Logic Third Overall
Jot.ly Team Handcrafted Best Appearance
TrackClass The Loose Knuckles Best Completeness
So2Speak The Verbose Best Innovation
What Does this Error Mean? Team GiraffeSoft Best Usefulness
Forever Home Leaf on the Wind Best Solo Team

The list above summarizes the winners. However, I can say that there are more than 8 apps which you can find useful and intersting. Here, I want to share my favorites with you.

MyIdeaDrawer which helps you to organize and share your projects easily, was created by TeamWNN. The team consits of one developer and one designer: Ryan Bates and Kelli Shaver . (I’m sure Rails fans will remember Ryan Bates from Railscasts ) After a quick signup with OpenID, you could immediately start to create your projects. Your project may include codes snippets, notes, links, screenshots, color palletes and photos. Control panel is really easy to use. You could see recent activites on your project in the sidebar. And the design is pretty nice.

Another favorite of mine is Remindr which is kind of a reminder service supporting Twitter, Jabber, Email and Cell Phone. It was developed by the theam Getalime . The purpose of the app is very simple: It reminds you what you want to remember and when you want to remember, via the services you define. I’ve tried twitter reminder service. Worked great. So if you are lookig for a simple reminder, Remindr could be the solution for you.

So you decided to become a writer and you don’t know where to start. Luckily you, I could suggest you some place to start. StorySeed . It was created by the team Bibliophiles . After signing up and loggin in, you could start to create your book which may hit the shelves and may become best seller soon! Who knows?

“Life! Don’t talk to me about Life” says Marvin the Paranoid Android. If you are a fan of great quotations too like me, I suggest you to give a chance to Quotagious which created by CphFTW . After you singed up, you could enter your favorite quotes and share them with the rest of the world. If you follow Quotagious on Twitter you will get a free quote everyday.

I think it’s enough for one article! Maybe I’ll continue to review more rumble applications at another time. By the way, what took my attention about the apps created in the Rails Rumble that how widely OpenID is used. At least i run into it many apps I’v reviewed.

I hope to compete in Rails Rumble in 2009. We’ll see… Oh, by the way, if you want to share your favorites here, please be my guest.