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Ruby on Rails Code Quality Checklist


Matt Moore wrote a great article about how you can improve quality of your rails code called Ruby on Rails Code Quality Checklist.

In my opinion it is a very useful article for especially Rails beginers.

Here is the checklist:

  • Each controller action only calls one model method other than an initial find or new. (Make custom .new or .update methods in the model with all necessary).
  • Only one or two instance variables are shared between each controller and view.
  • All model and variable names are both immediately obvious (to a new developer) and as short as possible without using abbreviations.
  • All custom “finds” accessed from more than one place in the code use named_scope instead of a custom method.
  • .find or .find_by_ is never called in a view or view helper.
  • There is zero custom code that duplicates functionality of a built-in function in rails.
  • Code has been aggressively DRYed during development.
  • All functionality used in two or more models has been turned into a library/module.
  • All logic duplicated between two or more apps has been turned into a gemified plugin.
  • STI is not used anywhere
  • Every design choice should yield the most simplistic design possible for the need of users at the current time.
  • No guesses for future functionality were designed into the application.
  • Close to full test coverage exists at the highest level of the application: on and between controller actions.
  • Coverage is highest for code used by the most number of end users.
  • All tests pass before code is merged into a shared repository.
  • Every fixed defect on a deployed product has tests added to prevent regression.
  • Every plugin installed has been code reviewed.

He also explains all the items in the checklist in a very clear way in his blog so I strongly suggest you read that article

Another good article about this topic: http://www.fortytwo.gr/blog/18/9-Essential-Rails-Tips