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administrators (basic)

This page describes the predefined WikiStyles and how a Wiki Administrator can define additional WikiStyles as a local customization for all pages (in local/config.php) or specific groups (in local/$Group.php).

All predefined WikiStyles are setup in the global array $WikiStyle. To define your own WikiStyles, add the setting of the correspondent WikiStyle within the array.

Predefined WikiStyles

The following array-values are set by scripts/wikistyles.php using the SDV()-function (so you can overwrite them by setting them prior in config.php or farmconfig.php):


text colors:
(equiv. to %color=xxxx define=xxxx%
%black%$WikiStyle['black']['color'] = 'black'
%white%$WikiStyle['white']['color'] = 'white'
%red%$WikiStyle['red']['color'] = 'red'
%yellow%$WikiStyle['yellow']['color'] = 'yellow'
%blue%$WikiStyle['blue']['color'] = 'blue'
%gray%$WikiStyle['gray']['color'] = 'gray'
%silver%$WikiStyle['silver']['color'] = 'silver'
%maroon%$WikiStyle['maroon']['color'] = 'maroon'
%green%$WikiStyle['green']['color'] = 'green'
%navy%$WikiStyle['navy']['color'] = 'navy'
%purple%$WikiStyle['purple']['color'] = 'purple'

%decimal%$WikiStyle['decimal']['apply'] = 'list'
$WikiStyle['decimal']['list-style'] = 'decimal'
%roman%$WikiStyle['roman']['apply'] = 'list'
$WikiStyle['roman']['list-style'] = 'lower-roman'
%ROMAN%$WikiStyle['ROMAN']['apply'] = 'list'
$WikiStyle['ROMAN']['list-style'] = 'upper-roman'
%alpha%$WikiStyle['alpha']['apply'] = 'list'
$WikiStyle['alpha']['list-style'] = 'lower-alpha'
%ALPHA%$WikiStyle['ALPHA']['apply'] = 'list'
$WikiStyle['ALPHA']['list-style'] = 'upper-alpha'

open links in a new browser-window:
%newwin%$WikiStyle['newwin']['target'] = '_blank'
turns markup into a comment via display:none css
%comment%$WikiStyle['comment']['display'] = 'none'

Author-Defined WikiStyles

  1. The first index of the array defines the style-name (e.g. mynewstyle, projectentry etc)
  2. the second index defines the css-attribute-name (e.g. color, bgcolor etc)
    (??? please verify !!! -KAL)
  3. the value set defines the css-attribute-value (e.g. red, bold etc)

TODO: description of second index = "apply" or "class" - seems to be special ? -KAL

Sample: If you want to define a (site-wide) style the same as the page style

%define=projectentry color:red%


$WikiStyle['projectentry']['color'] = 'red';

If you want to define a new style to be the same as

%projectentry color=red%


$WikiStyle['mynewstyle']['class'] = 'projectentry';
$WikiStyle['mynewstyle']['color'] = 'red';


To be done:

  • description of $WikiStyleApply and $WikiStyleCSS arrays

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Page last modified on August 31, 2005, at 10:52 PM