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Vim: Colors


" Vim color scheme
" Name:         railscasts.vim
" Maintainer:   Nick Moffitt <[email protected]>
" Last Change:  01 Mar 2008
" License:      WTFPL <>
" Version:      2.1
" This theme is based on Josh O'Rourke's Vim clone of the railscast
" textmate theme.  The key thing I have done here is supply 256-color
" terminal equivalents for as many of the colors as possible, and fixed
" up some of the funny behaviors for editing e-mails and such.
" To use for gvim:
" 1: install this file as ~/.vim/colors/railscasts.vim
" 2: put "colorscheme railscasts" in your .gvimrc
" If you are using Ubuntu, you can get the benefit of this in your
" terminals using ordinary vim by taking the following steps:
" 1: sudo apt-get install ncurses-term
" 2: put the following in your .vimrc
"     if $COLORTERM == 'gnome-terminal'
"         set term=gnome-256color
"         colorscheme railscasts
"     else
"         colorscheme default
"     endif
" 3: if you wish to use this with screen, add the following to your .screenrc:
"     attrcolor b ".I"
"     termcapinfo xterm 'Co#256:AB=\E[48;5;%dm:AF=\E[38;5;%dm'
"     defbce "on"
"     term screen-256color-bce

set background=dark
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
  syntax reset

let g:colors_name = "railscasts"

hi link htmlTag                     xmlTag
hi link htmlTagName                 xmlTagName
hi link htmlEndTag                  xmlEndTag

highlight Normal                    guifg=#E6E1DC guibg=#111111 
highlight Cursor                    guifg=#000000 ctermfg=0 guibg=#FFFFFF ctermbg=15	
highlight CursorLine                guibg=#000000 ctermbg=233 cterm=NONE

highlight Comment                   guifg=#BC9458 ctermfg=180 gui=italic
highlight Constant                  guifg=#6D9CBE ctermfg=73
highlight Define                    guifg=#CC7833 ctermfg=173
highlight Error                     guifg=#FFC66D ctermfg=221 guibg=#990000 ctermbg=88
highlight Function                  guifg=#FFC66D ctermfg=221 gui=NONE cterm=NONE
highlight Identifier                guifg=#6D9CBE ctermfg=73 gui=NONE cterm=NONE
highlight Include                   guifg=#CC7833 ctermfg=173 gui=NONE cterm=NONE
highlight PreCondit                 guifg=#CC7833 ctermfg=173 gui=NONE cterm=NONE
highlight Keyword                   guifg=#CC7833 ctermfg=173 cterm=NONE
highlight LineNr                    guifg=#2B2B2B ctermfg=159 guibg=#C0C0FF
highlight Number                    guifg=#A5C261 ctermfg=107
highlight PreProc                   guifg=#E6E1DC ctermfg=103
highlight Search                    guifg=NONE ctermfg=NONE guibg=#2b2b2b ctermbg=235 gui=italic cterm=underline
highlight Statement                 guifg=#CC7833 ctermfg=173 gui=NONE cterm=NONE
highlight String                    guifg=#A5C261 ctermfg=107
highlight Title                     guifg=#FFFFFF ctermfg=15
highlight Type                      guifg=#DA4939 ctermfg=167 gui=NONE cterm=NONE
highlight Visual                    guibg=#5A647E ctermbg=60

highlight DiffAdd                   guifg=#E6E1DC ctermfg=7 guibg=#519F50 ctermbg=71
highlight DiffDelete                guifg=#E6E1DC ctermfg=7 guibg=#660000 ctermbg=52
highlight Special                   guifg=#DA4939 ctermfg=167 

highlight pythonBuiltin             guifg=#6D9CBE ctermfg=73 gui=NONE cterm=NONE
highlight rubyBlockParameter        guifg=#FFFFFF ctermfg=15
highlight rubyClass                 guifg=#FFFFFF ctermfg=15
highlight rubyConstant              guifg=#DA4939 ctermfg=167
highlight rubyInstanceVariable      guifg=#D0D0FF ctermfg=189
highlight rubyInterpolation         guifg=#519F50 ctermfg=107
highlight rubyLocalVariableOrMethod guifg=#D0D0FF ctermfg=189
highlight rubyPredefinedConstant    guifg=#DA4939 ctermfg=167
highlight rubyPseudoVariable        guifg=#FFC66D ctermfg=221
highlight rubyStringDelimiter       guifg=#A5C261 ctermfg=143

highlight xmlTag                    guifg=#E8BF6A ctermfg=179
highlight xmlTagName                guifg=#E8BF6A ctermfg=179
highlight xmlEndTag                 guifg=#E8BF6A ctermfg=179

highlight mailSubject               guifg=#A5C261 ctermfg=107
highlight mailHeaderKey             guifg=#FFC66D ctermfg=221
highlight mailEmail                 guifg=#A5C261 ctermfg=107 gui=italic cterm=underline

highlight SpellBad                  guifg=#D70000 ctermfg=160 ctermbg=NONE cterm=underline
highlight SpellRare                 guifg=#D75F87 ctermfg=168 guibg=NONE ctermbg=NONE gui=underline cterm=underline
highlight SpellCap                  guifg=#D0D0FF ctermfg=189 guibg=NONE ctermbg=NONE gui=underline cterm=underline
highlight MatchParen                guifg=#FFFFFF ctermfg=15 guibg=#005f5f ctermbg=23


" Vim color scheme
" Name:         railscast.vim
" Maintainer:   Josh O'Rourke <[email protected]> 
" Last Change:  17 Aug 2007 
" License:      public domain
" Version:      1.1
" This theme is based on the Railscasts Textmate theme [1]. I used 
" Jo Vermeulen's "vibrantink" theme for Vim [2] as my template for 
" creating this theme.
" [1] 
" [2] 

set background=dark
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
  syntax reset

let g:colors_name = "railscasts"

if has("gui_running")
  hi link htmlTag                     xmlTag
  hi link htmlTagName                 xmlTagName
  hi link htmlEndTag                  xmlEndTag

  highlight Normal                    guifg=#E6E1DC   guibg=#2B2B2B
  highlight Cursor                    guifg=#000000   guibg=#FFFFFF
  "highlight CursorLine               guibg=#323300

  highlight Comment                   guifg=#BC9458   gui=italic
  highlight Constant                  guifg=#6D9CBE
  highlight Define                    guifg=#CC7833
  highlight Error                     guifg=#FFFFFF   guibg=#990000
  highlight Function                  guifg=#FFC66D   gui=NONE
  highlight Identifier                guifg=#6D9CBE   gui=NONE
  highlight Include                   guifg=#CC7833   gui=NONE
  highlight Keyword                   guifg=#CC7833
  highlight LineNr                    guifg=#2B2B2B   guibg=#C0C0FF
  highlight Number                    guifg=#A5C261
  highlight PreProc                   guifg=#E6E1DC
  highlight Search                    guibg=#FFFF00
  highlight Statement                 guifg=#CC7833   gui=NONE
  highlight String                    guifg=#A5C261
  highlight Title                     guifg=#FFFFFF
  highlight Type                      guifg=#DA4939   gui=NONE
  highlight Visual                    guibg=#5A647E

  highlight DiffAdd                   guifg=#E6E1DC   guibg=#144212
  highlight DiffDelete                guifg=#E6E1DC   guibg=#660000

  highlight rubyBlockParameter        guifg=#FFFFFF
  highlight rubyClass                 guifg=#FFFFFF
  highlight rubyConstant              guifg=#DA4939
  highlight rubyInstanceVariable      guifg=#D0D0FF
  highlight rubyInterpolation         guifg=#519F50
  highlight rubyLocalVariableOrMethod guifg=#D0D0FF
  highlight rubyPredefinedConstant    guifg=#DA4939
  highlight rubyPseudoVariable        guifg=#FFC66D
  highlight rubyStringDelimiter       guifg=#A5C261

  highlight xmlTag                    guifg=#E8BF6A
  highlight xmlTagName                guifg=#E8BF6A
  highlight xmlEndTag                 guifg=#E8BF6A


" Vim color scheme
" Name:         vividchalk.vim
" Author:       Tim Pope <[email protected]>
" GetLatestVimScripts: 1891 1 :AutoInstall: vividchalk.vim
" $Id: vividchalk.vim,v 1.8 2007-07-11 18:50:16 tpope Exp $

" Based on the Vibrank Ink theme for TextMate
" Distributable under the same terms as Vim itself (see :help license)

if has("gui_running")
    set background=dark
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
   syntax reset

let colors_name = "vividchalk"

" First two functions adapted from inkpot.vim

" map a urxvt cube number to an xterm-256 cube number
fun! s:M(a)
    return strpart("0245", a:a, 1) + 0

" map a urxvt colour to an xterm-256 colour
fun! s:X(a)
    if &t_Co == 88
        return a:a
        if a:a == 8
            return 237
        elseif a:a < 16
            return a:a
        elseif a:a > 79
            return 232 + (3 * (a:a - 80))
            let l:b = a:a - 16
            let l:x = l:b % 4
            let l:y = (l:b / 4) % 4
            let l:z = (l:b / 16)
            return 16 + s:M(l:x) + (6 * s:M(l:y)) + (36 * s:M(l:z))

function! E2T(a)
    return s:X(a:a)

function! s:choose(mediocre,good)
    if &t_Co != 88 && &t_Co != 256
        return a:mediocre
        return s:X(a:good)

function! s:hifg(group,guifg,first,second,...)
    if a:0 && &t_Co == 256
        let ctermfg = a:1
        let ctermfg = s:choose(a:first,a:second)
    exe "highlight ".a:group." guifg=".a:guifg." ctermfg=".ctermfg

function! s:hibg(group,guibg,first,second)
    let ctermbg = s:choose(a:first,a:second)
    exe "highlight ".a:group." guibg=".a:guibg." ctermbg=".ctermbg

hi link railsMethod         PreProc
hi link rubyDefine          Keyword
hi link rubySymbol          Constant
hi link rubyAccess          rubyMethod
hi link rubyAttribute       rubyMethod
hi link rubyEval            rubyMethod
hi link rubyException       rubyMethod
hi link rubyInclude         rubyMethod
hi link rubyStringDelimiter rubyString
hi link rubyRegexp          Regexp
hi link rubyRegexpDelimiter rubyRegexp
"hi link rubyConstant        Variable
"hi link rubyGlobalVariable  Variable
"hi link rubyClassVariable   Variable
"hi link rubyInstanceVariable Variable
hi link javascriptRegexpString  Regexp
hi link javascriptNumber        Number
hi link javascriptNull          Constant

call s:hifg("Normal","#EEEEEE","White",87)
if &background == "light" || has("gui_running")
    hi Normal guibg=Black ctermbg=Black
    hi Normal guibg=Black ctermbg=NONE
highlight StatusLine    guifg=Black   guibg=#aabbee gui=bold ctermfg=Black ctermbg=White  cterm=bold
highlight StatusLineNC  guifg=#444444 guibg=#aaaaaa gui=none ctermfg=Black ctermbg=Grey   cterm=none
"if &t_Co == 256
    "highlight StatusLine ctermbg=117
    "highlight StatusLine ctermbg=43
highlight WildMenu      guifg=Black   guibg=#ffff00 gui=bold ctermfg=Black ctermbg=Yellow cterm=bold
highlight Cursor        guifg=Black guibg=White ctermfg=Black ctermbg=White
highlight CursorLine    guibg=#333333 guifg=NONE
highlight CursorColumn  guibg=#333333 guifg=NONE
highlight NonText       guifg=#404040 ctermfg=8
highlight SpecialKey    guifg=#404040 ctermfg=8
highlight Directory     none
high link Directory     Identifier
highlight ErrorMsg      guibg=Red ctermbg=DarkRed guifg=NONE ctermfg=NONE
highlight Search        guifg=NONE ctermfg=NONE gui=none cterm=none
call s:hibg("Search"    ,"#555555","Black",81)
highlight IncSearch     guifg=White guibg=Black ctermfg=White ctermbg=Black
highlight MoreMsg       guifg=#00AA00 ctermfg=Green
highlight LineNr        guifg=#DDEEFF ctermfg=White
call s:hibg("LineNr"    ,"#222222","DarkBlue",80)
highlight Question      none
high link Question      MoreMsg
highlight Title         guifg=Magenta ctermfg=Magenta
highlight VisualNOS     gui=none cterm=none
call s:hibg("Visual"    ,"#555577","LightBlue",83)
call s:hibg("VisualNOS" ,"#444444","DarkBlue",81)
highlight WarningMsg    guifg=Red ctermfg=Red
highlight Folded        guibg=#1100aa ctermbg=DarkBlue
call s:hibg("Folded"    ,"#110077","DarkBlue",17)
call s:hifg("Folded"    ,"#aaddee","LightCyan",63)
highlight FoldColumn    none
high link FoldColumn    Folded
highlight Pmenu         guifg=White ctermfg=White gui=bold cterm=bold
highlight PmenuSel      guifg=White ctermfg=White gui=bold cterm=bold
call s:hibg("Pmenu"     ,"#000099","Blue",18)
call s:hibg("PmenuSel"  ,"#5555ff","DarkCyan",39)
highlight PmenuSbar     guibg=Grey ctermbg=Grey
highlight PmenuThumb    guibg=White ctermbg=White
highlight TabLine       gui=underline cterm=underline
call s:hifg("TabLine"   ,"#bbbbbb","LightGrey",85)
call s:hibg("TabLine"   ,"#333333","DarkGrey",80)
highlight TabLineSel    guifg=White guibg=Black ctermfg=White ctermbg=Black
highlight TabLineFill   gui=underline cterm=underline
call s:hifg("TabLineFill","#bbbbbb","LightGrey",85)
call s:hibg("TabLineFill","#808080","Grey",83)

hi Type gui=none
hi Statement gui=none
if !has("gui_mac")
    " Mac GUI degrades italics to ugly underlining.
    hi Comment gui=italic
    hi railsUserClass  gui=italic
    hi railsUserMethod gui=italic
hi Identifier cterm=none
" Commented numbers at the end are *old* 256 color values
"highlight PreProc       guifg=#EDF8F9
call s:hifg("Comment"        ,"#9933CC","DarkMagenta",34) " 92
" 26 instead?
call s:hifg("Constant"       ,"#339999","DarkCyan",21) " 30
call s:hifg("rubyNumber"     ,"#CCFF33","Yellow",60) " 190
call s:hifg("String"         ,"#66FF00","LightGreen",44,82) " 82
call s:hifg("Identifier"     ,"#FFCC00","Yellow",72) " 220
call s:hifg("Statement"      ,"#FF6600","Brown",68) " 202
call s:hifg("PreProc"        ,"#AAFFFF","LightCyan",47) " 213
call s:hifg("railsUserMethod","#AACCFF","LightCyan",27)
call s:hifg("Type"           ,"#AAAA77","Grey",57) " 101
call s:hifg("railsUserClass" ,"#AAAAAA","Grey",7) " 101
call s:hifg("Special"        ,"#33AA00","DarkGreen",24) " 7
call s:hifg("Regexp"         ,"#44B4CC","DarkCyan",21) " 74
call s:hifg("rubyMethod"     ,"#DDE93D","Yellow",77) " 191
"highlight railsMethod   guifg=#EE1122 ctermfg=1


" Vim colour file
" Maintainer: Matthew Hawkins <[email protected]>
" Last Change:	Mon, 22 Apr 2002 15:28:04 +1000
" URI:
" This colour scheme uses a "navajo-black" background
" I have added colours for the statusbar and for spell checking 
" as taken from Cream ( 

set background=dark
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
  syntax reset

let g:colors_name = "navajo-night"

" This is the list of colour changes from Navajo that
" weren't a simple mathematical subtraction from 0xffffff
" DarkBlue -> #ffff74
" DarkRed -> #74ffff 
" DarkGreen -> #ff9bff 
" DarkCyan -> #ff7474 
" DarkMagenta -> #74ff74 
" DarkYellow -> #7474ff 
" DarkGray -> #565656 
" Blue -> Yellow
" Red -> Cyan 
" Yellow -> Blue 
" Gray -> #414141 
" Brown -> #5ad5d5 
" #ff8060 -> #007f9f 
" #f6e8d0 -> #09172f 
" #edb5cd -> #124a32 
" #c0c0c0 -> #3f3f3f 
" #907050 -> #6f8faf 
" #808080 -> #7f7f7f
" #707070 -> #8f8f8f
" SeaGreen -> #d174a8 
" LightRed (assuming #ee9090) -> #116f6f 
" LightBlue -> #522719 

hi Normal ctermfg=White guifg=White guibg=#35536f

hi SpecialKey term=bold ctermfg=darkblue guifg=Yellow
hi NonText term=bold ctermfg=darkblue cterm=bold gui=bold guifg=#7f7f7f
hi Directory term=bold ctermfg=darkblue guifg=Yellow
hi ErrorMsg term=standout ctermfg=grey ctermbg=darkred cterm=bold gui=bold guifg=Black guibg=Cyan
hi IncSearch term=reverse cterm=reverse gui=reverse
hi Search term=reverse ctermbg=White ctermfg=Black cterm=reverse guibg=Black guifg=Yellow
hi MoreMsg term=bold ctermfg=green gui=bold guifg=#d174a8
hi ModeMsg term=bold cterm=bold gui=bold
hi LineNr term=underline ctermfg=darkcyan ctermbg=grey guibg=#7f7f7f gui=bold guifg=White
hi Question term=standout ctermfg=darkgreen gui=bold guifg=#d174a8
hi StatusLine term=bold,reverse cterm=bold,reverse gui=bold guifg=Black guibg=White
hi StatusLineNC term=reverse cterm=reverse gui=bold guifg=#116f6f guibg=#8f8f8f
hi VertSplit term=reverse cterm=reverse gui=bold guifg=Black guibg=#8f8f8f
hi Title term=bold ctermfg=green gui=bold guifg=#74ff74
"+++ Cream:
"hi Visual term=reverse cterm=reverse gui=reverse guifg=#3f3f3f guibg=White
hi VisualNOS term=bold,underline cterm=bold,underline gui=reverse guifg=#414141 guibg=Black
hi WarningMsg term=standout ctermfg=darkred gui=bold guifg=Cyan
hi WildMenu term=standout ctermfg=White ctermbg=darkyellow guifg=White guibg=Blue
hi Folded term=standout ctermfg=darkblue ctermbg=grey guifg=White guibg=NONE guifg=#afcfef
hi FoldColumn term=standout ctermfg=darkblue ctermbg=grey guifg=#ffff74 guibg=#3f3f3f
hi DiffAdd term=bold ctermbg=darkblue guibg=Black
hi DiffChange term=bold ctermbg=darkmagenta guibg=#124a32
hi DiffDelete term=bold ctermfg=darkblue ctermbg=blue cterm=bold gui=bold guifg=#522719 guibg=#09172f
hi DiffText term=reverse ctermbg=darkblue cterm=bold gui=bold guibg=#007f9f
hi Cursor gui=reverse guifg=#bfbfef guibg=Black
hi lCursor guifg=fg guibg=bg
hi Match term=bold,reverse ctermbg=Blue ctermfg=Yellow cterm=bold,reverse gui=bold,reverse guifg=Blue guibg=Yellow

" Colours for syntax highlighting
hi Comment term=bold ctermfg=darkblue guifg=#e7e77f
hi Constant term=underline ctermfg=darkred guifg=#3fffa7
hi Special term=bold ctermfg=darkgreen guifg=#bfbfef
hi Identifier term=underline ctermfg=darkcyan cterm=NONE guifg=#ef9f9f
hi Statement term=bold ctermfg=darkred cterm=bold gui=bold guifg=#5ad5d5
hi PreProc term=underline ctermfg=darkmagenta guifg=#74ff74
hi Type term=underline ctermfg=green gui=bold guifg=#d174a8
hi Ignore ctermfg=grey cterm=bold guifg=bg

hi Error term=reverse ctermfg=grey ctermbg=darkred cterm=bold gui=bold guifg=Black guibg=Cyan
hi Todo term=standout ctermfg=darkblue ctermbg=Blue guifg=Yellow guibg=Blue

"+++ Cream: statusbar
" Colours for statusbar
"hi User1        gui=bold guifg=#565656  guibg=#0c0c0c
"hi User2        gui=bold guifg=White     guibg=#0c0c0c
"hi User3        gui=bold guifg=Yellow      guibg=#0c0c0c
"hi User4        gui=bold guifg=Cyan       guibg=#0c0c0c
highlight User1        gui=bold guifg=#999933  guibg=#45637f
highlight User2        gui=bold guifg=#e7e77f     guibg=#45637f
highlight User3        gui=bold guifg=Black      guibg=#45637f
highlight User4        gui=bold guifg=#33cc99       guibg=#45637f

"+++ Cream: selection
highlight Visual    gui=bold    guifg=Black guibg=#aacc77

"+++ Cream: bookmarks
highlight Cream_ShowMarksHL ctermfg=blue ctermbg=lightblue cterm=bold guifg=Black guibg=#aacc77 gui=bold

"+++ Cream: spell check
" Colour misspelt words
"hi BadWord ctermfg=White ctermbg=darkred cterm=bold guifg=Yellow guibg=#522719 gui=bold
" mathematically correct:
"highlight BadWord ctermfg=black ctermbg=lightblue gui=NONE guifg=White guibg=#003333
" adjusted:
highlight BadWord ctermfg=black ctermbg=lightblue gui=NONE guifg=#ff9999 guibg=#003333


" Vim color file
" Maintainer:	Bram Moolenaar <[email protected]>
" Last Change:	2001 May 21

" This color scheme uses a light grey background.

" First remove all existing highlighting.
set background=light
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
  syntax reset

let colors_name = "morning"

hi Normal ctermfg=Black ctermbg=LightGrey guifg=Black guibg=grey90

" Groups used in the 'highlight' and 'guicursor' options default value.
hi ErrorMsg term=standout ctermbg=DarkRed ctermfg=White guibg=Red guifg=White
hi IncSearch term=reverse cterm=reverse gui=reverse
hi ModeMsg term=bold cterm=bold gui=bold
hi StatusLine term=reverse,bold cterm=reverse,bold gui=reverse,bold
hi StatusLineNC term=reverse cterm=reverse gui=reverse
hi VertSplit term=reverse cterm=reverse gui=reverse
hi Visual term=reverse cterm=reverse gui=reverse guifg=Grey guibg=fg
hi VisualNOS term=underline,bold cterm=underline,bold gui=underline,bold
hi DiffText term=reverse cterm=bold ctermbg=Red gui=bold guibg=Red
hi Cursor guibg=Green guifg=NONE
hi lCursor guibg=Cyan guifg=NONE
hi Directory term=bold ctermfg=DarkBlue guifg=Blue
hi LineNr term=underline ctermfg=Brown guifg=Brown
hi MoreMsg term=bold ctermfg=DarkGreen gui=bold guifg=SeaGreen
hi NonText term=bold ctermfg=Blue gui=bold guifg=Blue guibg=grey80
hi Question term=standout ctermfg=DarkGreen gui=bold guifg=SeaGreen
hi Search term=reverse ctermbg=Yellow ctermfg=NONE guibg=Yellow guifg=NONE
hi SpecialKey term=bold ctermfg=DarkBlue guifg=Blue
hi Title term=bold ctermfg=DarkMagenta gui=bold guifg=Magenta
hi WarningMsg term=standout ctermfg=DarkRed guifg=Red
hi WildMenu term=standout ctermbg=Yellow ctermfg=Black guibg=Yellow guifg=Black
hi Folded term=standout ctermbg=Grey ctermfg=DarkBlue guibg=LightGrey guifg=DarkBlue
hi FoldColumn term=standout ctermbg=Grey ctermfg=DarkBlue guibg=Grey guifg=DarkBlue
hi DiffAdd term=bold ctermbg=LightBlue guibg=LightBlue
hi DiffChange term=bold ctermbg=LightMagenta guibg=LightMagenta
hi DiffDelete term=bold ctermfg=Blue ctermbg=LightCyan gui=bold guifg=Blue guibg=LightCyan

" Colors for syntax highlighting
hi Constant term=underline ctermfg=DarkRed guifg=Magenta guibg=grey95
hi Special term=bold ctermfg=DarkMagenta guifg=SlateBlue guibg=grey95
if &t_Co > 8
  hi Statement term=bold cterm=bold ctermfg=Brown gui=bold guifg=Brown
hi Ignore ctermfg=LightGrey guifg=grey90

" vim: sw=2

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