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The (:include:) directive makes it possible to insert the contents of other pages into the current wiki page. All of the include directives below perform a straight text inclusion. In particular, any page links in the included text are assumed to link to pages in the current group if not otherwise qualified.

(:include PageName:)
(:include Group.PageName:)
Includes the entire text of another page into the current page.

(:include PageName#from#to:)
(:include PageName#from#:)
(:include PageName##to:)
Includes lines from PageName between the [[#from]] and [[#to]] anchors. If "to" is omitted (second example), then all of the lines after [[#from]] are included (and vice-versa if "from" is omitted).

(:include PageName lines=10:)
(:include PageName lines=5..10:)
(:include PageName lines=5..:)
Include the first 10 lines, lines 5-10, or lines 5 and up from PageName.

(:include Page1 Page2 Page3 lines=1..5:)
Include the first five lines from the first available of Page1, Page2, or Page3. (To include lines from a list of pages, use a separate include for each.)

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Page last modified on August 26, 2005, at 09:43 PM