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Debian Aptitude Package Flags

The current state flag

  • Shows the state of the package on the system
    • i — installed: successfully installed to system
    • c — config: package not installed, but configuration files remain
    • p — purged: package has no files on system
    • v — virtual: package does not exist, but another "Provides" it
    • B — broken: dependencies unresolved, fix required
    • u — unpacked: only files unpacked, not configured
    • C — half-configured: configuration failed, fix required
    • H — half-installed: removal failed, must be reinstalled

The action flag

  • Shows the change needed to meet current requests (blank): no change needed
    • i — install: not currently installed, get latest version
    • u — upgrade: currently installed, get latest version
    • d — delete: uninstall, don't touch config files
    • p — purge: uninstall, remove config files
    • h — hold: don't upgrade from current version
    • F — forbid: don't upgrade to latest version
    • r — reinstall: re-run installation and configuration
    • B — broken: dependencies not satisfied, fix required

The automatic flag

  • Shows which packages are managed automatically
    • If set (A flag), remove package when not needed
      • Only affects aptitude, not other APT programs
    • If not set (blank flag), package is explicitly wanted by user
      • Default behaviour for other APT programs
  • Shortcut keys to change selected package
    • m ("manual"): Unset automatic flag when a package is useful by itself
    • M ("not-manual"): Set automatic flag when a package is of no interest
  • Much simpler package management
    • Tell aptitude the packages you care about
    • Put the rest on automatic
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Page last modified on November 02, 2005, at 03:41 PM